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On 15th April 2016 two xBhpians embarked on an India roadtrip on Triumph Motorcycles in search of #100Motorcycles which were unique iconic and rare by searching for them on OLX and the community at large. Motul Lubricants and CEAT Tyres powered their journey along with Wrangler Denims adding to the style quotient. We hope that this will paint a picture of India as a diverse and rich motorcycling nation in the times to come. Know More


5Yamaha RX100 - The Original Pocket Rocket

98CC 11BHP 10.39NM 95KGS


Nostalgia can be a wonderful feeling – for instance, visiting your childhood place, meeting an old friend after a long time, walking around in your old neighbourhood and seeing that certain things have hardly changed over the years like the pole post, your favourite playground, the fences and the swings. It is a trip down the memory lane and the one that each one of us loves to undertake.

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Certain things and places in our lives have great sentimental value and perhaps, for this reason, we willingly fail to part with them. We hold on to them and the memories because they are too strong and keep us connected to our roots. And in some way, they have played an important role in shaping our individual nature as a human being.


And if you’ve ever wondered, this is precisely the reason why you would find some of us still holding on to our RX 100s after all these years. Even among all the modern and faster motorcycles of today, there are people who have kept the performance king of yesteryears. It is because like with many other things, it is nostalgic and the memories are just too sweet and strong to let it go.


For the ones who have it, the RX 100 is the unadulterated, raw and pure fun. It is simple and straightforward. For the ones who don’t have it, it was. Kickstart it and off you go. Its 98cc single, 2-stroke, air-cooled engine produced a humble 11BHP and 10.39NM of torque. It won’t sound impressive today, but that 2-stroke unit revved high and produced a thin, raspy exhaust note nicely complementing the bike’s acceleration.

Spartan pro gear template

At its introduction in India in 1985, the RX 100 became the quickest and the fastest motorcycle outperforming the Ind-Suzuki AX 100 quite comfortably. Even though it received competition from the Kawasaki KB 100 and the Suzuki Shogun in the following years, the RX 100 remained the favourite among motorcycle enthusiasts for as long as it was in production. It was considered the most reliable and one of the liveliest motorcycles of its time so much so that it outshone the RD 350 in terms of popularity and success. And with a standard look designed around a steel tube frame, round headlight, upright handlebar, drum brakes and twin shockers at the back, it did look like the smaller version of the iconic RD 350.

RX100 Bike Specs


The RX 100 last rolled out of the factory in 1996 and by the time we arrived in the year 2000, the dawn of 4-stroke performance motorcycle had begun with the Hero Honda CBZ. Since then, the Indian motorcycle market has changed drastically and evolved into a battleground of 4-stroke motorcycles right from the 100cc commuters to the high-performance sportbikes from international manufacturers.

We sincerely thank Shivanshu Singh for letting us ride his beloved RX100We sincerely thank Shivanshu Singh for letting us ride his beloved RX100








And while we have moved on as well, as it is the way of life, we continue to hold on to certain things of the past and cherish them. Like we said, it is nostalgic and it’s great.











Yamaha RX100

My compliments to the owner for keeping the bike in such pristine condition after all these years. Was my first bike. How I wish, I had not sold if years ago. Brings back fond memories. Thanks