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On 15th April 2016 two xBhpians embarked on an India roadtrip on Triumph Motorcycles in search of #100Motorcycles which were unique iconic and rare by searching for them on OLX and the community at large. Motul Lubricants and CEAT Tyres powered their journey along with Wrangler Denims adding to the style quotient. We hope that this will paint a picture of India as a diverse and rich motorcycling nation in the times to come. Know More


52Trailblazer - One Man's Dream

800CC 45BHP 350KGS

Trailblazer (4)

What does one need to buy a motorcycle of his choice? First, money. Second, consider various options, if available, and finally get the bike that fulfils the requirements most. That’s it; it is the way for a happy ending (or a beginning).

Need Money to buy your dream Superbike? Sell your old motorcycle on OLX. Trailblazer (1)

Alternatively, if you’re talented enough then you can build one for yourself! Not to mention that you have enough resources and time to pull off such a feat. While the culture of custom built motorcycles is quite common internationally, it is not widely seen in India. Moreover, this is usually a thing for the rich.

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Nevertheless, it is an interesting thought that why do people get into the custom building. Is it like an engineering exercise to see what’s possible? Maybe. But mostly, it is the quest to build possibly the most unique motorcycle a person can have. Because for some people, a mass-produced motorcycle, no matter how unique or exclusive otherwise, is just not unique enough.

Trailblazer (2)

Enter the Trailblazer

Trailblazer is the name given by a guy to his beloved motorcycle built around a car engine. We are talking about a homegrown effort of a certain Mr Nilesh, from Pune, who has built a motorcycle with a Maruti 800 engine  – an inline 3 of a different kind. And even though his creation might appear to be crudely built with rough edges here and there, there’s no dearth of commitment and hard work.

Trailblazer (3)

Other than few things like the front shockers (that are from KTM Duke), wheels & tyres and brakes, everything else is custom built to create the whole motorcycle. The crux of the Trailblazer is the 800cc inline 3 engine from an old Maruti 800. It is longitudinally mounted and is fitted inside a chassis purposely built for it. Another interesting thing about this one-of-a-kind motorcycle is that it has a shaft final drive. The rear wheel is basically taken from a car and hence the flat profile of the tyre.

Trailblazer (39) Trailblazer (38)

Also, the whole display console, buttons and the starting mechanism is directly taken and implemented from the Maruti 800 itself – the bike starts by turning the key! The gearbox remains that of the car as well. And another innovative feature is that the fuel tank of the motorcycle is disguised as the rear fender! The reason to make the fuel tank like this is to avoid the engine heat. Since this is a car engine, it generates a great amount of heat and could be dangerous if the fuel tank is traditionally located right above the engine.

Trailblazer (10) Trailblazer (16) Trailblazer (17)Trailblazer (28)Trailblazer (22)Trailblazer (5)Trailblazer (19)Trailblazer (9)Trailblazer (8) Trailblazer (7)Trailblazer (36)

Looks, as we said earlier, are a bit crude, something what Mad Max could ride! Even though it took 4-5 months for Nilesh to build the Trailblazer, he is still working on refining it. So far, he has clocked the maximum speed of 80 km/h which is not bad for a motorcycle like this. Of course, it rides differently. Especially due to the flat profile of the rear tyre, it is not as easy to lean the motorcycle in corners. You have to be very careful. On a straight line, though, the bike feels quite stable.

Trailblazer (32)Trailblazer (30) Trailblazer (31) Trailblazer (15)Trailblazer (20) Trailblazer (21) Trailblazer (25) Trailblazer (23) Trailblazer (24)Trailblazer (26) Trailblazer (11) Trailblazer (13) Trailblazer (14) Trailblazer (18) Trailblazer (27)

It is like entering into the unknown when a person takes up a project like this. You simply never know what you’re going to get out of it unless you’ve done it already. It is unique, special and can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. For this particular motorcycle, we can’t even recommend OLX as this is a one man’s creation.

Trailblazer (1)


Trailblazer (2)

All we can say is it is a commendable effort by Nilesh to invest his time, effort and money in building such an interesting mix of a car and a motorcycle. We thank him for his time and wish him all the luck in his future endeavours.


Great work!! Amazing work

Partha Saikia

Great work awesome. But please clear the confusion as how the gerashift is done.

Partha Saikia

Also the engine should use a Car Lube with API certification. What I believe that the clutch is separate from the engine hence there is no issue of a slipping clutch for which JASO MA lubes are used; thus using a API certified lube.